Volodymyr Kozlovsky – conductor (Ukraine-Germany)

General information

Born on December 8, 1976 in Novy Razdol in the Lviv region.

1987-1992 – musical school, accordion class, in Novy Razdol.

1993-1997 – Lviv State Musical College, class “Choral conducting”, teacher V.P. Gnid’

1998-2005 – Lviv National Musical Academy name after M.V. Lysenko: “Opera-Symphonic Conducting” teacher, professor Yu.O. Lutsiv

During the student days, he took an active part as a singer in various choir collectives, in particular in the “Galician Academic Chamber Choir” under the direction of V. Yatsyanka, choir “Gloria” under the leadership of V. Syvohip and others.
While studying at the Lviv National Music Academy, Volodymyr Kozlovskyi joined the creation of the popular today’s octet “Orpheus” and co-operated as a tenor from 2000 to 2004, participated in the tour of the octet in France in 2005.
At the invitation of various teams in 2006, he moved to Germany, where he continues to improve as a choir and orchestra conductor.
For the whole period of his stay in Germany, he acted not only as a musician, an arranger of choral songs, a leader or a choral conductor but also as a collective manager.
Now Volodymyr Kozlovsky gives over 100 performances a year in Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic and directly in Germany.
In 2016 he performed rehearsals with the orchestra in Austria, in the city of Innsbruck. Conducted in the Danube with Danube Symphony Orchestra. In April 2017 he took part in the master class for opera in Bulgaria, in the city of Rousse.