Olha Bileychuk – piano – piano

General information

Olha Bileychuk was born in Ivano-Frankivsk. She graduated Ivano-Frankivsk musical college named by D.Sichynsky (1984) and received the diploma with Honors of Lviv State Сonservatory named by M.Lysenko (1991). She has taught piano for more than 15 years in Ivano-Frankivsk music school #1, and have also worked as a concertmaster of “Halytski Peredzvony” municipal chamber choir.
Olha performed in Poland, Germany, Wales, Ukraine and Canada, where she took part in the 4th International Liudkevych Festival in Toronto (1995).
Olha moved to Canada in 1998. She lives and works as a piano teacher in Toronto, and also accompanies to numermous soloists and ensembles. In addition, Olha works with “Vesnivka” choir. As a concertmaster, she has travelled to France, Holland, Belgium and the USA with the choir and took part in numerous concerts in Canada.