Iryna Tikhonova – oboе

General information

Was born in Kharkiv region. In 2004 graduated secondary school specialized in music , where was taught by Shustova Natalia Mykhailivna. During my studying bacame a recipient of numerous international and Ukrainian music competitions. I received higher education in music academy of M.V. Lysenko taught by docent Zacopetc L.M. and graduated in 2008 with honors.

During the years of education in academy I became the first-degree laureate of Ukrainian competition of V. Starchenko , festival of I. Vimer and of international competition of D. Bida .

During my education I started working at philharmonic symphony orchestra in Lviv, as the best place for creative self development. Being a part of this orchestra I took part in numerous international festivals and concerts with the most world famous soloists.