“Carols in a New Way”: reflections


On December 14, the Lviv Philharmonic held a concert from the series “Ukraine-2022. Muses Are Not Silent.” The program, prepared by concert soloists Martha Kuziy and Liliia Nikitchuk, interweaves familiar Ukrainian and Polish holiday melodies in a new arrangement. In addition to Witold Liutoslawski’s cycle “20 Polish carols”, there were premiere performances of carols by contemporary Ukrainian composers: Maria Oliynyk, Mykhailo Shved, Yevhen Petrov, Stephan Spiekh and Ostap Manulyak. There’s a new publication on the website of the newspaper “Zbruch” authored by Stefania Oliynyk.

Lviv National Philharmonic - "Carols in a New Way": reflections

As the review says, “From the quiet beginning to the expressive climax, the action seemed to unfold in front of the listener: with the gradual approach of the three kings (arranged by Ostap Manulyak), or the “theater” of the Hutsul carol “Zhekanka” (arranged by Yevhen Petrov), which touches not only the tradition, but also the everyday alterations of life. In this music, we feel the cypher of new meanings of traditional caroling: music that carries hope from generation to generation, in which we sincerely embody our own hopes, inextricably linked with our reality, with our lives. In times of war, we sincerely believe in victory, and the “good news” will be such for us. The last part of the concert was the well-known carol “New Joy Has Come” (arranged by Mariia Oliinyk), written unexpectedly in a major key, as if playing with the colors of light and hope.”

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