‘There is something between us that undoubtedly directs us; and we want to listen to that voice and follow it with pleasure; as if it tells us that we are the only ones who understand each other, who are created for each other, that we must and will eternally love each other… Don’t you agree, my beloved, forever and ever… (Gdansk, 28 June 1819).’
The above is an appeal to Josephine von Baroni-Cavalcabò made by Franz Xaver Mozart in his diary, the woman to whom he devoted all his works and life. This year we mark the 200th anniversary of their everlasting love. The Gala Concert Programme consists of masterpieces dedicated to that marvelous feeling of love. The renowned world opera stars will perform on the Lviv Opera House stage.

17.07.2018 / 19:00

Lviv Opera (pr. Svobody, 28)