Best of Mozart

Overture to the opera "Theft from the Ceral", KV 384
Symphony No. 36 C-Dur, KV 425 II Andante
Overture to the Titov Mercy opera, KV 621
Symphony No. 29 A-Dur, KV 201 II Allegro moderato
Symphony No. 40 g-Moll, KV 550 I Molto allegro
Concerto for Violin No.5 A-Dur, KV 219 I. Allegro aperto Violin: Igor Muravev
Overture to the Don Giovanni Opera, KV 527
Overture to the "Magic Flute", KV 620
"Little night serenade", KV 525 Serenade № 13 G-Dur I. Allegro
"Little night serenade", KV 525 Serenade № 13 G-Dur II. Romanz Andante
«Little night serenade», KV 525 Serenade № 13 G-Dur III. Menuetto. Allegretto - Trio
"Little night serenade", KV 525 Serenade № 13 G-Dur IV. Rondo Allegro
Symphony No.35 D-Dur. Gafner - Symphony, KV 385 · IV. Finals Presto
Concert for clarinet A-Dur, KV 622 II. Adagio Clarinet: Taras Gamar
Overture to the "Figaro Wedding" opera, KV 492

17.04.2018 / 19:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall



The concert of symphonic classical musical genius  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Guarantee an unforgettable evening, full of enthusiasm and musical exquisiteness.