A gift from a forest wizard

Камерна Сцена

Friday 09.06.2023 / 11:00



A children’s musical fairy tale by the composer Yevhen Zastavny to the libretto by Vasyl Sagaydak.

An interesting, magical world of a fairy tale. It captivates and leads to an unusual and wonderful world, where everyone speaks in an understandable human language: trees and flowers, animals and birds, even a stone comes to life and a tree gives advice. A musical costume fairy tale, written in verse form with excellent musical accompaniment, is very simple and instructive. The soloists of the Lviv National Philharmonic at a professional level will give children a good mood, which is important for the correct perception of art at an early stage of a child’s development. Every child will remember the trip to the musical world.

Actors: Narrator, Wizard, Lion, Fox, Squirrel, Wolf, Hare.


  • Stanislav Goyan
  • Natalia Granovska
  • Marianna Laba
  • Nina Karpinets
  • Vitaliia Golubnycha
  • Olga Fenyuk

Narrator – Liliya Vynnytska

Director-producer – Lyubov Fityo