Angel that Searched for Dreams. Winter Tale

Monday 22.01.2024 / 11:30

Концертний зал Людкевича



Winter is the time of patterns on the windows, frost-covered trees, time for sledding and skating, gifts and Christmas and New Year holidays. Children and adults look forward to its arrival, because it is a good opportunity to get together with the whole family, relax in a friendly circle. Therefore, the artists of the Lviv National Philharmonic prepared a new musical fairy tale “Angel that Searched for Dreams”. It will be a good gift for the winter holidays.

The events that will take place on the stage will take us to the heavenly spaces, where everything will be subject to the Lord of Time. He cares about harmony in the world and that all the inhabitants of the Earth do not stop believing in a real miracle. Once a year, a wise manager sends his servant to earth to let a ray of faith and hope into children’s hearts. Challenges, surprises and even failures will await the heroes of the fairy tale, but how they will solve them and whether the angel will find his dreams, all viewers will find out at the end of our fairy tale. So we invite you to watch and see you at the Philharmonic!


Fairy tale characters:

Angel with a bucket, Mouse, Stars, Azazello, Spiders, Tit, Lord of Time



Lilia Vikaruk
Marianna Laba
Oksana Savitska
Natalia Granovska
Nina Karpinets
Stanislav Goyan
Yurii Chekov
Dance Theater “Life”
Iryna Mazur, manager, stage director
Dance ensemble “Smileys”
Liubov Fityo, stage director
Screenplay: Lilia Vikaruk