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Концертний зал ім. С. Людкевича

Sunday 24.02.2019 / 18:00


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Conductor from Great Britain, orchestra and soloists from Ukraine, music program built on the crossroad of cultures and continents.  The Carnival Overture became a symbolic farewell by Antonín Dvořák to Prague and a greeting to New York where he moved to in 1891. In this piece Dvořák depicts a bright and masterful evening image of the festive carnival  as seen by a random traveler – so the feast is taking place as if somewhere by side and we are watching and living though it as travelers.

Shostakovich Concerto for Piano, Trumpet and String Orchestra saw its world premiere in 1933 with the composer himself performing the piano part. This piece is truly multidimensional: lyrical, melancholic and philosophical mood blends easily with the neo-classical episodes, quotations and even ironically-sarcastic vibrations. Shostakovich composed this piece at the age of 27.

Brahms’ music, and in particular, his Second Symphony, is a beauty multiplied by engineering excellence and thoughtfulness in each smallest detail – it is not by chance the composer was enlisted in “three B” group – Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. This music will help tune in for the spring mood – yes, the spring is round the corner!

Oksana Rapita, piano
Ihor Porada, trumpet
Paul Mann, conductor (Great Britain)
In the programme:
Antonín Dvořák. Carnival Overture, Op. 92
Dmitry Shostakovich. The Concerto in C minor for Piano, Trumpet, and String Orchestra, Op. 35
Johannes Brahms. Symphony No 2 in D major, Op. 73