INSO-Lviv & Villa Musica: Season Opening Concert

The world-renowned musicians-instrumentalists who have been collaborating as guest professors with Villa Musica (Germany) and their talented young colleagues and students from different countries will visit Lviv to jointly perform a bright orchestral program together with INSO-Lviv orchestra in Lviv Philharmonic Hall. Each piece on the program presupposes a dialogue between the soloists and the orchestra, while in Beethoven’s Triple Concerto there’s also a dialogue between the soloists since Triple Concerto features not one solo part but an ensemble of violin, piano and cello. Their parts merge into one organism that has a musical conversation with the orchestra. The two other pieces are also of great interest. Schumann’s Fantasy for violin and orchestra unlike his Violin Concerto was performed during the composer’s lifetime, it combines a concert instrumental setting and rhapsodic narration characteristic of a one-part fantasy. “Harold in Italy” by another outstanding composer of Romanticism era Hector Berlioz is a symphony inspired by Lord Byron’s poem “Child Harold’s Pilgrimage” where viola plays the leading part.
Villa Musica has been one of the most renowned concert organizers in Germany for over 30 years, regularly inviting chamber music groups from all over the world to Rhineland-Palatinate. Villa Musica concerts can be heard in more than 50 places in Rhineland-Palatinate, and also in Berlin, Brussels, and several other cities in Europe. This time Villa Musica will visit Lviv!

22.09.2018 / 18:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall



In the program:

Robert Schumann. Fantasy for violin and orchestra in C major Op. 131

Ludwig van Beethoven. Triple concerto for piano, violin, violoncello and orchestra in C major Op. 56

Hector Berlioz. Harold in Italy Op. 16