Vienna Klezmer Orchestra

General information

Wiener Klezmer Orchester / Vienna Klezmer Orchestra

Vienna, Austria

The Vienna Klezmer Orchestra was founded in 2016 by Roman Grinberg and Sasha Danilov. It is the first and the biggest Klezmer Orchestra worldwide so far – consisting of some 50 musicians playing instruments from various musical genres. Here you can see and hear classical instruments such as violins, cellos, flutes, oboe, bassoon, trumpets, and concert harps, just to name a few; instruments which are rather used in jazz and pop – like a drum set, keyboards, electric guitar, and a full saxophone section; and last but not least instruments that are typical for Klezmer music like clarinets, accordions, trombones, and tubas. Despite all the differences and variety of the musical backgrounds there is one big idea which unites all of our orchestra members: We love Jewish music. The orchestra is led by two musicians who devoted their professional life to Klezmer and Jewish music.

conductor: Sasha Danilov

composer/arranger Roman Grinberg