Vienna Jewish Choir

General information

Wiener Jüdischer Chor / Vienna Jewish Choir

Vienna, Austria

The Vienna Jewish Choir, consisting of 60 singers, men and women, both Jewish and non-Jewish, from more than 10 countries, was founded in 1989. Since then it has stayed true to its original ideas of being a vital part of Jewish life in Vienna, of creating new choir music based on songs in Hebrew, Yiddish and Ladino, and of bringing lost Jewish music back to life. In the past years the choir has grown in prominence and in size. Additional to some 10 concerts the choir gives in and around Vienna per year it has been travelling to the UK, Italy, Germany, Poland, the Ukraine, Moldova, the US, and Israel amongst others. The Vienna Jewish Choir has produced three well-selling CDs and is active in intercultural and interreligious projects with Roman, Catholic, Protestant, and Muslim musicians.

In 2013 it hosted the second European Jewish Choir Festival with more than 300 participants from 11 countries.