Mamchuk Yuriі – baryton (Ukraina)

General information

Mamchuk Yurii Evstakhiyovych was born on February 5, 1971 in Kyiv city.

Yurii has started singing since childhood. He was a soloist of the “Dzvinochok” Children Choir, headed by Vynogradova Eleonora Oleksiyivna, and later a soloist of the “National Television and Radio” Choir, headed by the Honored Artist of Ukraine Kopylova Tetiana Mykolayivna.

In 1988, Yurii Evstakhiyovych was admitted to the second grade of the KSMS named after Reingold Glier, to the class of the outstanding singing teacher Palivoda Ivan Gnatovych. 

Mamchuk Yurii Evstakhiyovych took an active part in the student opera performances. He became a laureate of the 1st International Festival named after Mykola Vitaliyovych Lysenko. 

After graduating from the music school in 1995, Mamchuk Yurii Evstakhiyovych  became a student of the National Music Academy named after Chaikovskyi Petro Illich, the class of the acknowledged professor and the Honored Artist of Ukraine, Vostriakov Oleksandr Andriyovych.

In 1999, Yurii Evstakhiyovych  graduated from the Conservatory, having successfully performed the George Germain’s part in the Giuseppe Verdi opera “Traviata”.

During his studies, Yurii sang solo parts in the Kyiv Symphony Choir and Orchestra, headed by the famous conductor, Roger McMerrin (USA).

There were numerous tours in Europe and America together with this team. Mamchuk Yurii Evstakhiyovych has performed solo numbers in various concert halls of the world, i.e. Carnegie Hall, New York, and many others.

In 2003-2005, with the assistance and support of Vecherov Oleg Evstakhiyovych, Yurii took the training and internship at the “Shaliapin Fedir Ivanovych Opera Singing Center” headed by the Honored Artist of the USSR and Russia, Vyshnevska Galyna Pavlivna in Moscow. Mamchuk Yurii Evstakhiyovych practiced singing and enhanced his professional level with such teachers as Vyshnevska Galyna Pavlivna, Glybokyi Petro Sergiyovych, Belousova Alla Semenivna, Badri Dzhemalovych Maisuradze.

In August 2005, Yurii Evstakhiyovych underwent the internship at the “Enarmonica” Opera Academy (Rimini, Italy), upon the invitation of the Italian pianist and composer Carl Pari, and due to the support of Vecherov Oleg Evstakhiyovych. At the Academy, Yurii took a master class with a famous Italian baritone, Rolando Panerai, who was once a longtime stage partner of the famous Maria Callas.

Two music albums have been released by Mamchuk Yurii Evstakhiyovych with the support of Vecherov Oleg Evstakhiyovych within the period of 2007-2008.
The first album,  “PRESENTATION”, was released in 2007 with the National Orchestra of Ukraine conducted by Sirenko Volodymyr Fedorovych. The album included opera arias, as well as  popular Italian and Ukrainian folk songs.

The second album, recorded in 2008, included the records of well-known Ukrainian folk songs. This recording was made with the folk ensemble of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine “Native songs”, conducted by the Honored Artist of Ukraine Karnaukh Yurii Yuriyovych.

Since 2009, Mamchuk Yurii Evstakhiyovych has been working as a teacher of singing and an illustrator of musical works, as well as teaching the “opera class” subject at the Kyiv Children’s Academy of Arts, which was founded by the academician, composer, writer and the Honored Artist of Ukraine Chemberzhi Mykhailo Ivanovych.

During almost ten years of work at the Academy, Mamchuk Yurii Evstakhiyovych had educated many students who later became winners of numerous international and all-Ukrainian international competitions. Within 2015-2016, Mamchuk Yurii Evstakhiyovych was awarded with the certificates of the Kyiv City State Administration for his professional skill. He has numerous letters of thanks from the rector of the Academy for many years of conscientious work.

Mamchuk Yurii Evstakhiyovych works hard on his voice and always strives to increase his professional level for the sake of development and for the benefit of Ukraine, Ukrainian and world culture!