Oleg Batov – reader, author of the program

General information

Honored Artist of Ukraine. An actor is worked in theaters of KharkovRivneChernivtsiLviv with such well-known directors as V. GrypychV. OgloblinK. PivovarovV. Opanasenko.
During the last thirty years, he has been a member of the Lviv Philharmonic. Cooperated with R. Viktyuk and M. Nestantiner. Among the most prominent programs are M. Zoshchenko — “The Blue Book”, M. Eme, A. Camus, F. Sagan, M. Tournier — “Modern French Story”, I. Babel — “And Odessa Stories”, L. Kostenko — “Scythian Odyssey”, K. Chapek “A Man Who Can Fly”.