Lviv State Academic Male Choir “Dudaryk”

General information

Music business card of Lviv and Ukraine – Dudaryk choir chapel.
At first the Choir of boys and men from Lviv “Dudaryk“, then the folk choir “Dudaryk“, later the State Choir and finally the State Academic Choir “Dudaryk.”
After reaching global recognition and gaining undeniable authority, the chapel every time in each speech confirms its unique level, as a confirmation of this – the National Prize named after Taras Shevchenko, which is the highest governmental award in the field of culture, and many other awards.
In 1985, the chapel founded the First Choir School in Ukraine since the Hetmanate era. For almost half a century has won the place under the sun as the skilled performer. The choir is the standard of choral performance and a worthy follower of the Ukrainian choral tradition.
The most organic for the collective is the achievements of the national spiritual heritage (concerts by Dmytro Bortniansky, Artem Vedel, Maxim Berezovsky, works of the Renaissance, carols in the works of Ukrainian composers Nikolai Lysenko, Nikolai Leontovych, Kirill Stetsenko, Alexander).
The second sphere of the repertoire “Dudaryk” is vocal-symphonic music. In this case, the universality of the collective is astonished: (Stabat Mater – Pergolas, Carmina Burana — Orf, Requiem — Mozart, IX Symphony — Beethoven, III Kadisz — Bernstein Symphony, and many oratory paintings). It seems that there is no one among the masterpieces of world music of various times of the work, which is not able to perform choir “Dudaryk.
The chapel not only interprets the standardized world-class masterpieces but also creates a unique Ukrainian version of their music reading – full of the beauty of the timbre, striking the richness of the dynamic palette.
The chapel sings with leading orchestras under the direction of world conductors in the best concert halls of the world.
Each performance by “Dudaryk” is a holiday of high spirits, a contribution to the artistic treasury of mankind.