Ihor Pylatiuk – conductor

General information

Ihor Pylatiuk is the violinist, conductor, pedagogue and scientist.

His performing experience is incredibly rich; Ihor is acknowledged both in Ukraine and abroad, and has a wide array of recordings on the radio and TV. There are many acknowledged orchestras that Pylatiuk has worked with, including the “Academy” Chamber Orchestra, Capella “Trembita”, LNMA Symphonic Orchestra, “Perpetuum Mobile” Chamber Orchestra.

Ihor Pylatuik has many impressive performances, for instance the concerts with Ukrainian composers’ cantatas to the lyrics by T.Shevchenko or the “Five violin concerts of M.Skoryk” project.
He is also a passionate and experienced pedagogue, being widely recognized for his unique principles of preparing violinists; Ihor has prepared more than 30 prize-winners of various international contests.

His other fields of work include but are not limited to:

  • Working as a rector of Lviv National Music Academy named by Lysenko;
  • Being a permanent member of judges team of many national and international competitions;
  • Promoting music art and education on radio and TV;
  • Membership in SAC of Ukraine Ministry of Education and Science;
  • Associate member of the Art Academy of Ukraine.

Ihor Pylatiuk was acknowledged with many honorable titles, including the Honored Artist of Ukraine (1993), the People’s Artist of Ukraine (1998), Order of Merit, 3 class (2004), The Pope Diploma (for associate activity and promoting human values and morals) (2008), Order of Yaroslav the Wise, V class (2009).