The ensemble of soloists of the Lviv Philharmonic “19th class”

General information

Inspired by the idea, searching for a new music forms and ways, a number of leading singers and musicians emerged from Igor Bilozir music group, the legendary “Vatra.” And in 1992 they created the ensemble of soloists of Lviv Philharmonic “19th class.”

Ensemble toured in Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Australia, USA, Canada, Poland. The ensemble prepared the program “Music of the Spring” — songs by V. Ivasіuk, “Chamber” — songs by I. Bilozora, “The Muse of the City of Lions” — works by Lviv authors, “Enchanted by Beauty” — for a mother, woman, beloved, “Rejoice, earth!” – carols, New Year’s songs. The repertoire also includes Ukrainian folk songs, world classics, soloist compositions of the ensemble.

Composition of the ensemble: Marian Shunevуch (vocal), Oleksandr Zahorodniuk (saxophones, keyboards, vocals), Ihor Antonov (drums, keyboards, bass guitar, Andrii Badiuk (ice guitar, bass guitar, keyboards).