Oleksandr Bozhyk

General information

Violin virtuoso, a composer, he is a unique phenomenon in modern music space. Master to combine the unmatched performance and spectacular show. He is equally subordinate to both classics, and rock, pop, and folk music. Laureate of international and all-Ukrainian competitions. Prizewinner of television projects, in particular, one of the most. Conquer the violin, holding it on the head, knees, on the elongated hand… Among its exclusive numbers is the number during which the violins cut the strings alternately until there is one. The melody continues to sound.

Bozhik, behind whose shoulders  large-scale tours by European countries, along with the famous European showman Hans Liberg, freely feels in all musical styles and genres. On stage, he can show himself as a classical musician (graduated from the Solomiya Krushelnytska specialized music school and M. Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy, is a soloist at the Lviv Philharmonic, has experience in cooperation with many orchestras both in Ukraine and abroad). And may show a bright talent showman. In the repertoire of the violinist  author’s compositions, academic music, rock, pop on famous tunes, rock’n’roll performances of Ukrainian folk songs, melodies from motion pictures… The musician combines classical motifs and rock elements, skillfully juggling with genres, styles, and mood. Demonstrate an unusual and unfamiliar side of the violin to many  as a fashionable, modern instrument that has been tested by several centuries of history.