General information

ManSound celebrates the versatility of the human voice. Their harmonious accordance, amazing vocal skills, rich timbre palette, emotion and naturalness make the group a favorite among admirers of high-quality vocal music. They have received recognition by audiences and music critics all over the world.

ManSound Group was established in December 1994 by the  talented composer and arranger Vladimir Mikhnovetsky (1963-2004). As the brain and inspiration of the group, Vladimir was able to not only create a unique group within Europe and the CIS, but also bring it to the international level.

Today ManSound are experts in the genre of acappella and are the leading vocal brand in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union. Over the years, Mansound not only popularized acappella ensemble singing, but also inspired many young musicians to create new groups.

ManSound has taken part in more than 70 festivals around the world, from Alaska to Kamchatka, from Hong Kong to Norilsk. Lionel Hampton repeatedly extended a personal invitation to participate in the landmark Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. Some of the awards earned by the group – “Best Vocal Group” in the All American Entertainment Awards (2001, Branson, USA), the Grand Prix at the International Competition Acappella Groups Vokal.Total (2002, Graz, Austria), the award «ShowBiz Award» for the best jazz groups in Ukraine (2005).

All the group’s records, both individual songs and entire albums, have been nominated in the “Oscars Acappella» – Contemporary Acappella Recording Awards (CARAs).

After the death of the founder and artistic director, Vladimir Mikhnovetsky, ManSound organized the festival VOCAL ZONE. Currently VOCAL ZONE is the only acappella festival in the former Soviet Union and one of the most interesting musical events in Ukraine. Among its  guests are musicians from all over the world.

In 2006 ManSound recorded their version of the Ukrainian anthem in a jazz arrangement. In the recording participated Evgeny Filatov (The Maneken) and the State Academic Orchestra “RadioBand Alexander Fokin.” In 2007, the band performed the national anthem live on the First National Channel during the opening and closing ceremonies of the Independence Day celebration on the main square of the capital.

In January 2011, ManSound represented Ukraine at the presentation of the “500 days to Euro 2012”, held at the European Parliament building in Brussels. In addition to local Ukrainian melodies and international hits, the group also performed their own version of the anthem of Euro 2012.

In March-April 2011, the band gave 15 solo concerts in Taiwan and two master classes in Hong Kong, thus extending the geographical reach of their concerts.

In September 2011, Mansound became an endorser of AUDIO-TECHNICA microphones in Ukraine, signing a contract with the “Jazz Club Inc.”.

In addition to the activities of ManSound, the group’s musicians are in demand in other areas of the music industry. They are invited to voice animated films and commercials for  leading global companies: Pixar, Disney, Unilever (tm Lipton), life :), etc. In 2009, Coca-Cola Ukraine invited the musicians to voice the Ukrainian version of a Christmas advertising campaign. This event was a truly unprecedented action, as throughout the world the ad campaign featured the music of Elvis Presley.

The most recent album to date – «Acapellissimo» – has once again proven that ManSound is one of the most exciting vocal groups of today.