General information

Groupe of young virtuoso performers who have dedicated their talents to an exotic instrument – Ukrainian chromatic recorder – which is the Ukrainian version of the recorders, patented in Ukraine. The sound of the instrument is transcendent, connects the listener with the archaic layers of the human cultural memory, transports to distant ages, and grants true enjoyment.

The Consort’s repertoire includes the music of the XVII – XVIII centuries, as well as hits of modern elite-class music.

The Consort is the fifth generation of the Ukrainian chromatic recorder players ensemble initiated in Lviv in 1981 by Ukrainian composer Myroslav Korchynsky the founder of a professional chromatic recorder performance school. Playing this tool has been banned at the time of Communist rule. The creation of such an ensemble in Lviv is an echo of the ancient European tradition of playing the recorders.

VIRTUOSO RECORDER DUDALIS QUARTETT is a participant in the famous European and Ukrainian festivals: Festival Junger Kunstler» (Germany 2015 – 2016), «Medynes» (Lithuania 2016), Festival of Ancient Music in Lviv (2015-2016).