Halyna Radchenko – concertmaster

General information

Halyna Radchenko is a leading concertmaster of the Solo Singing Department of the Lviv National Academy of Music. In 1984 she graduated from Lviv Specialized Music School named after S. Krushelnytska in piano class with teacher I. Burlatska. In the same year she entered the Lviv State Conservatory named after Mykola Lysenko, which graduated in 1989 with a degree in piano from Professor M. Uglyar, a class of concertmaster from Professor A. Kushpler and received the position of concertmaster of the Solo Singing Department.

She worked with teachers-vocalists: L. Zhilkina, K. Golubnych, N. Chubarova, V. Chaika, M. Khmelnytska, A. Dashak, T. Didyk, V. Ignatenko, I. Kushpler, N. Romanyuk. Now he collaborates with teachers L. Bozhko, M. Zhyshkovych, L. Savchuk. She has repeatedly participated with students of the department in many national and international competitions, in particular: them. MV Lysenko (Odessa, 1992), named after S. Krushelnytska (Lviv, 1994), named after S. Lyudkevych (Lviv, Toronto, 1995), named after A. Dvorak (Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, 1996, 1998), named after Ada Sari (Nowy Sacz, Poland, 1997), named after H. Carreras (Pamplona, ​​Spain, 2004), competition Art of the XXI century. (Kyiv-Vorzel, 2004, 2005, 2007), I. Malanyuk competition (Ivano-Frankivsk, 2007), in which vocal students became laureates and graduates: S. Godlevska (named after S. Lyudkevych, named after A. Dvorak); M. Shvydkiv, V. Mykulka, T. Ivaniv (named after A. Dvorak); V. Vatutina, Y. Lysenko, M. Gavrilko, O. Antoshchuk (Art of the XXI century); O. Antoshchuk (I. Malanyuk competition).

For the high level of performance of works Halyna Ivanivna was awarded many diplomas, received the title of graduate of the competition. MV Lysenko (Odessa, 1992), Grand Prix in the international competition (2004), as well as the diploma of the best accompanist in the nomination The Art of Accompaniment(Kyiv- Vorzel).