Ihor Matseliukh – Pan flute, alto saxophone

General information

Ihor Matseliukh is a gifted musician who has mastered several musical instruments. His first musical passion was playing the accordion at Lviv Conservatory, but his passion for folklore led him to the folk flute class along with other wind instruments. His desire to learn and make music led him to the piano, saxophone and other musical instruments. Among them in the forefront – the Pan Flute or Nai, whose origins date back to ancient Greece, and whose legend gave the instrument another name – Syrinx. Lyricism and deep insight in the interpretation of musical works are closely intertwined in the life of Ihor Matseliukh with the depth of philosophical thought inherent in the researcher and teacher of philology. Numerous textbooks in English and methodical works, the author of which is an English teacher Ihor Matseliukh, owe their appearance to the creative credo of this personality Ars longa vita brevis. Performing on wind instruments, in particular, he perceives as a physiological therapy that accompanies mental work.

Multi-instrumentalist Ihor Matseliukh has been touring in Europe, South and North America, performing various genres of original compositions and his arrangements with different ensembles and chamber and symphony orchestras on various instruments. But his creative inspiration is the Pan Flute. This enthusiasm has lasted for more than a quarter of a century. From the very beginning, Ihor Matseliukh studied with Professor Ion Negure (Chisinau, Moldova), and still attends his master classes and plays the instruments of Ion Preda (Romania) and
Gheorghe Covaliu (Moldova).