Ihor Stepanyk — painter

General information

Born on May 20, 1988, in the city of Boryslav, Ukraine.

His creative career as an artist began in early childhood, at the age of 10 he left his parents’ house and entered art school. In addition to the general education program, he mastered painting, composition, drawing, sculpture and art history. In 2006 he graduated from the Small Academy of Arts named after E. Myska. He continued his academic education in Lviv. In 2008, with the support of the Christian community, he studied painting and iconography in the United States of America (New York). Upon return to Lviv he mastered the techniques of frescoes, mosaics and stained glass, In 2012 he graduated from the Department of Sacred Art at the Lviv National Academy of Arts. This period was characterized by various painting and iconography plein air events and international art contests as well as group exhibitions both in Ukraine and Europe.