Iryna Kirchanova – piano – фортепіано

General information

Ukrainian pianist. Iryna studied at  Lviv specialized secondary music boarding school named after S.Krushelnytska  (class of teacher O. Ambartsumyan) and LNMA named after M. Lysenko in the class of prof.  J. Ermine.

2014 – 2017 – graduate student of the Department of Special Piano (class of Prof. J. Ermin). She works as an accompanist at LNMA named after M. Lysenko (since 2013 and today) and in Lviv specialized secondary music boarding school named after S.Krushelnytska(since 2016).

As a soloist she is a Laureate of International and All-Ukrainian competitions. Among the latter: Laureate of the II Prize of the International Piano Competition. B. Christopher (St. Petersburg, Russia, May 2013), Laureate of the III Prize of the VII Chopin International Piano Competition. G. and L. Stefanski (Krakow, Poland, June 2016).  

She also conducts active concert activities as a chamber ensemble artist, participates in competitions, is a laureate and participant of festivals and master classes, in particular – a guest pianist at concert performances of the XVI International Master Classes for Clarinet and Saxophone (Ostrava, Czech Republic, July 2017 ).

In Irina’s proffesional  biography there are already more than 25 competitions as an accompanist in Ukraine and abroad (Poland, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic), including numerous awards in the category “Best Concertmaster”