Liliya Vikaruk – soprano

General information

Was born in Ternopil. Graduated from Ternopil National Pedagogical University, Institute of Arts. Being still a student Lilia was a participant in many All Ukraine festivals such as Bandura Art Festival named after Z. Shtokalka and kobzar art “Silver Strings.” Had solo concert and author’s poetry “Two wings.” In 2016 she received her master’s degree at Lviv National Musical Academy named after M. Lysenko (class teacher of solo singing – Honored Artist of Ukraine Natalia Romanyuk, class of chamber singing – Honored Artist of Ukraine Lilia Kostrub).

Liliya Vikaruk is the author of a collection of fairy-tails scripts for the school theater, the children’s musical performance “Rukavychka”, a song collection for the voice, accompanied by bandura “Opened the window.” Her poems have been repeatedly published in the newspaper “Homin of Freedom” and “Free Life” and have published in the scientific publication “Scientific Notes” (Ternopil).

Participated in the Philharmonic Concert Programs:  Musical gift, From Baroque to the present, Evening in a romantic style, Cheerful tram of old Lviv, Oy Khodyt Son, This is her destiny.