General information

The Lund University Male-Voice Choir was founded by the composer and conductor Otto Lindblad in 1831 and today has 60 members. The repertoire comprises both contemporary and traditional choral music. Every year the Lund University Male-Voice Choir invites composers to write music for the annual concerts in Lund and for the many tours in and outside Sweden. But the Lund University Male-Voice Choir also keeps up the traditional choral songs from the nineteenth century, which are loved by both the Swedes and their Nordic neighbours. These songs can be heard for example at the 1st of May concert on the University stairs and on the CD Sköna Maj (Naxos), which made Swedish history by going gold (10,000 copies sold) even before the CD was in the shops. The choir is a central element in the cultural life of the city of Lund and its University. The Lund University Male-Voice Choir sees it as one of its tasks to share out the great cultural treasure represented by Swedish and Nordic song on international concert tours. The choir has proud touring traditions – as early as 1904 the choir went on its first journey, to the USA, and in recent years the choir has performed in well nigh all parts of the world.