Marian Shunevych – vocal

General information

Well-known Ukrainian singer, Honored Artist of Ukraine (1989), People’s Artist of Ukraine (2010). He is a talented singer that started his soloist career at 1979 as part of a music group “VATRA” Lviv Regional Philharmonic. For quite some time, he was working with Olha Shcherbakova in a duet “Forget me not.”  He works and lives in Lviv.

The best of his works:

“Give water to horses near Danube” (S. Lyudkevich, Yu Fedkovych)

“First snow” (I. Bilozir)

“Moon in the sky” (folk song)

“Cross the road” (O. Serdyuk)

“New Year” (I.Bilozir)

“Oh, you are a girl from a nut grain” (A. Kos-Anatolsky, I. Franko)

“Carpathian nightingales” (V. Kaminsky, R. Kudlik)

“Me – yours wing” (V. Ivasyuk, R. Kudlik)

“Forget me not” (B. Janovsky, B. Stelmakh)

“Eternal fire” (I. Bilozir, V. Krischenko)