Matsehora Oksana – soprano

General information

She received her musical education at the Lviv College of Culture and Arts. She received the qualification “Organizer of cultural and leisure activities, choir master”. In 2007 Oksana graduated from Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy in the field of “Art” and received a “Concert Singer, Teacher” bachelor’s degree.

From 2003 to 2008 worked in Honored Academic Chapel of Ukraine “Trembita” as a soloist-vocalist.

In 2015 she graduated from I. Franko LNU and received a complete higher education in specialty of Music.

Since 2009 she has been working at the Lviv National Philharmonic.

The soloist participates in various art projects of the Philharmonic. She is the author of the idea of creating and implementing the following programs: “Melodies of the Heart in Love”, performance “Love to the Tomb”, “My evening star”, “I belong to You, my Christ”, “Echoes to Eternity”, “Lviv Tango”, “Moses of the Ukrainian People”.

The singer pays great attention to musical and aesthetic education of children. She has created a number of children’s performances: “Mr. Kotsky”, “Goat Dereza”, “Straw Bull”, “Golden Chicken”, “In the ways of Taras”.

Oksana Matsehora is engaged in public activities, she is the Deputy Chairman of the Lviv City Union of Ukrainian Women. Oksana created the project “Do not be indifferent”, she helps wounded soldiers of the Joint Forces operation, who are undergoing treatment and rehabilitation. For active public position, cultural, educational and charitable activities, she was awarded the Gratitude by Lviv Mayor A. Sadovyi. The singer is the chairman of the jury of the contest “Word and Song to You, Mother”. Laureate of the All-Ukrainian competition “Golden Crossing of Lviv”. 

Oksana Matsehora is the author and executor of the project “Prayer to Blessed Virgin”. She presented a CD of Sacred Music “Santa Maria” and stories about the life of Virgin Mary in the Apocrypha. 

Today the singer is actively working to promote Ukrainian and world art and the artistic word.