Michael Zukernik, сonductor (CH)

General information

Otherwise, he appeared as solo timpanist with ensembles such as the Spanish Orquestra Sinfónica de Barcelona y Nacional de Cataluna, and the Auckland Philharmonia in New Zealand.

Maestro Zukernik has conducted the Symphonic Orchestra of Rome, the Israeln Symphony Orchestra, the Russian State Academic Symphony Orchestra Svetlanov, the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of St. Petersburg, the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, the Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, the Manukau City Symphony Orchestra in New Zealand, and the Macao Orchestra in China.

Michael Zukernik was born in 1970 in Moscow and received training as a classical percussionist. When he was 19 years old he became the youngest member of the Israel Symphony Orchestra. In the course of his career he performed as a solo timpanist with diverse ensembles such as the Spanish Symphonic Orchestra of Barcelona and the Auckland Philharmonic in New Zealand. His first conducting classes with Jorma Panula led him to Finland, then to Sweden, Germany, Russia, and Croatia.

The ensemble performed in such renowned halls as the Concert House and Philharmonic in Berlin, the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, and the French Dome in Friedrichsstadt, Berlin. Later Michael Zukernik took his chance and introduced the Chamber Orchestra to international stages. As a result, the group received an invitation and made a tour through South Korea, where Maestro Zukernik conducted a dozen concerts. Several tours across China followed from there, including concerts at the Opera House in Shanghai, the Cultural Center of Beijing, and the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing.

 Michael Zukernik is always searching for new interpretations of the classic music of the world. In 2006 together with MCSO, one of New Zealand’s busiest and most established bands, he presented Classic Rock. The programme of well-known ‘classics’ included works from opera, proms favourites and hits from the 1950’s-1980’s – from Bizet’s Overture to Carmen to Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance, to Twist and Shout and All You Need is Love by the Beatles, Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins and We Will Rock You by Queen.
Among his latest projects is Film Music Fest featuring live orchestra with original cinema projection, which is an unforgettable entertainment: The audience enjoyed such masterpieces as Indiana Jones Theme by John Williams, Bridge on the River Kwai by Malcolm Arnold, Exodus by Ernest Gold, The Da Vinci Code by Hans Zimmer, and many others. (The full list is attached) Nowadays Michael Zukernik lives with his wife and two children in Zurich, Switzerland. He speaks German, Russian, English, French, and Hebrew.