Nazar Savko – singer

General information

Nazar was born in the creative musical family. His mother (Maria Isak) is soloist of the legendary instrumental ensemble «Smerichka» (the first singer of the Ivasyuk’s song «Vodograi»). His father (Ostap Savko) is the musical leader of popular groups «Berkut» and «Olesya». From his childhood Nazar has been conducting active musical life: first own songs, first actor’s steps in the theatre, concerts, competitions and festivals…

In 1997 Nazar is a student of the state musical academy of Lysenko in Lviv. Here he developed his professional qualities. Being the student he earns money as an actor of the first Ukrainian theatre for children and youth.

Nazar gives concerts with own music project (boys band «Chetverta sproba») which he has organized together with Zahar Klimenko, Nazar Pomirchim and Sergey Agapov.

In 2001 Nazar creates the musical studio «Source» on the basis of ЦТДЮГ. In this studio he spends active creative life.

In 2008 with the purpose to popularize a children’s Ukrainian song Nazar creates on radio EKO FM charts «The Hit Sun». He helps performers to feel themselves fully fledged stars on radio «Lvivska wave».

Nazar writes songs for many singers. The Ukrainian musical film «Remember the first love» appears as a result of such cooperation. He has acted in this film as the actor, the composer, the director and even tested himself in a role of the operator. This musical film actively was in rotation more than 50 TV channels of Ukraine.

”I have shot this film to keep my songs and public is interested not only to listen to them, but also to see”.

Nazar is the winner of many international competitions, the participant of selection rounds of «Eurovision»…

The great occasion in Nazar’s creativity was an issue of the album of his author’s songs «Simply listens». Now Nazar Savko prepares a new acoustic album and actively gives concerts. The harmonic and incendiary girls from professional dancing ballet «Time out» always accompany his performances. On the big scene or on a corporate party his dynamic compositions in a combination with romantic songs bring satisfaction to the most exacting public.