Oksana Hryb – soprano

General information

Oksana Hryb started her career of a performer in the Peredvistia Children Song Studio led by Iryna Dolia and Serhiy Petrosian. At that time she actively participated in all national and international competitions, including Hope, Young Galicia, Stars on Stage, Song Opening Day, Fern Blossom, World for Youth, Destiny, Crystal Lark, On Svitiaz Waves and many others, often becoming the winner of I, II, III Prize as well as Grand Prix (she’s got 43 diplomas).

She continued her musical studies (pop singing and theory of music) at R. Glier Kyiv Institute of Music. At the same time Oksana Hryb worked as a presenter of children’s entertainment program “Stars on Stage!” on the First National TV Channel.

Immediately after graduation, she returned to her native city Lviv and started working in the Lviv Philharmonic.

Higher music education Oksana Hryb received at the M. Dragomanov National Pedagogical University.