Phoenix String Quartet

General information

The Phoenix String Quartet was established in 2008 in Lviv(Ukraine) by talented musicians, who also perform as soloists and had received numerous awards on International Competitions.

From 2021 the Phoenix String Quartet is an artist quartet-in-residence of Lviv National Philarmonia named after Myroslav Skoryk: Mykola Haviuk (violin), Petro Titiaiev  (violin), Vadym Pedorych  (viola), Denys Lytvynenko (cello).

Since then the ensemble made a great success, they demonstrate high professionalism and bright original ensemble identity, which inspires audience for more then 12 years.

The repertoire of the ensemble includes wide variety of world classical music and best examples of contemporary music as well. They are champions of works by 20th and 21th centuries composers and had given numerous premiers. Very important part of their work is to popularise Ukrainian music , to bring a new life and rediscover lost or forgotten unfair works by Ukrainian composers.

Phoenix String Quartet appears in different multicultural projects, charity events and important international festivals (in such countries as USA, Japan, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Estonia and other).

The red line of the Biography of the Quartet is a constant search of new ways of expression, solutions and refreshing viewpoints which could develop repertoire and performing possibilities (opportunities) of the chamber ensemble and innovative approache to the music they perform.

Phoenix String Quartet released two CDs – “Summertime” with original arrangements of popular, jazz and rock music; and Live Concert CD with record of B. Britten “Simple Symphony” and D. Schostakovich  Quartet No 4.

For amount performings of the Quartet on events and which are outstanding and  from a “standart” academic concerts.

Concert programs of Phoenix Quartet demonstrate new and refreshing sound , certain express true emotions and feelings what have been a treat for music lovers all over the world.

In 2020 – 2021 concert season the Phoenix Quartet will present next programmes: “Night Prays”, “Polar Light”, “Ukrainian Quartet Music”.