ShokolaD Group

General information

ShockolaD is a project based on a creative tandem of famous Ukrainian musicians – Igor Gnydуn and Anastasia Litvinyuk, who are its founders and initiators.

This is one of the most successful Ukrainian projects working in the world music genre.

Musicians constantly play at various concert venues – at festivals, on big stages, in clubs.

The music of the project originates due to the mixing of different styles, improvisation, uniqueness of ideas and motives based on the Ukrainian consciousness of musicians. Each album of the project is different due to constant experiments on sounds, thoughts, on the synthesis of electronics and acoustics.

ShockolaD is open to music of different styles and directions. The musicians combine things that seem incompatible and do so so naturally that each of their concerts is imbued with deep emotions and the exchange of energy between the band and the audience. They carry a message of openness, touch and touch to everyone who wants to immerse themselves in the world of sounds created during an unforgettable musical ritual, which is ShockolaD.

At the moment, the main idea of ​​the project is to develop music in various directions and forms and search for a new sound. That is why Igor and Anastasia concentrate on collaboration with various musicians from Ukraine, Poland and the world. To combine different cultures and create new musical thinking.

Festivals: “Jazz Bez” (Lviv, Ukraine), “Fliugery Lvova” (Lviv, Ukraine), “Metro Jazz” (Lviv, Ukraine), “Jednist” (Kyiv, Ukraine), “Starzy i Mlodzi, chili jazz v Krakowie ”(Krakow, Poland),“ Art Mashine ”(Vilnius, Lithuania),“ Jazz Fest ”(Sumy, Ukraine),“ XIX Festival of Ukrainian Culture ”(Sopot, Poland),“ Fortmission ”(Lviv, Ukraine),“ Amiens Jazz Festival ”(Amiens, France),“ Mute Nights ”(Odessa, Ukraine),“ European Stadium of Culture ”(Rzeszow, Poland),“ Alfa Jazz Fest ”(Lviv, Ukraine),“ UA / PL Alternative Music Meetings ” (Wroclaw – Lviv), “Art Of Tolerance” (Evpatoria), “Partnership Festival” (Lviv), “Cosmopolit Jazz Fest” (Kyiv)


2008 – «Number One»

2009 – «Покоси»

2010 – «ShockolaD. JazzBez + Jazz Kolo. Live»

2010 – «Щедрий вечір з добрим jazzom»

2012 – “WORLD”

2016 – “NOVA”