Each member of this trio is naturally gifted with voices rich in expression and beauty. Utilizing an unusual blend of classical opera and cutting-edge pop, this young and vibrant quartet combines strong and controlled voices from across the professional spectrum.

Two tenor’s voices of Vasyl Ponayda, Taras Hlova and baritone Roman Antonyuk when pouring out together ring out in an exceptional harmony. It is something special when they sing all together.

These well-trained singers apply operatic technique and virtuosity to a classical and popular romantic repertoire. Their vocal style has been described as emotionally colorful and expressive while their polished and commanding stage presence delivers a quality evening of entertainment due to the unique connection and communication the artists have with the audience. Each of the four brings their own specific talent. When melded together, their voices produce exceptional harmonies and create a unique, enjoyable experience for singers and listeners alike.

Capable of singing in multiple languages – French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, English, Chinese and Ukrainian.

Members of Tenors BEL’CANTO trio toured in many countries, such as: Ukraine, Canada, Russia, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Spain, France, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy , North Korea, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Liban.

Since its formation in 2007, the group has been giving the concerts in famous concert halls of Europe and Ukraine with great orchestras, among them:

Plock Symphony Orchestra (Poland), Torun Symphony Orchestra (Poland), Wroclaw Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra (Poland), Lviv chamber orchestra “Leopolis”, chamber orchestra “Brevis”, Academic chamber orchestra “Lviv Virtuosos”, Academic chamber Orchestra “Harmonia Nobile”, Ivano-Frankivsk Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, Sarajevo Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Academic symphony orchestra “Philharmonic” (Chernihiv), Symphony Orchestra “INSO-Lviv”, Lebanese National Symphony Orchestra etc.

Cooperation with conductors:

Wojciech Mrozek (Poland), Serhiy Burko (Lviv), Vasil Turyanyn (Ivano-Frankivsk), Ruslan Dorozhivskyy (Ivano-Frankivsk), Myron Krill (Ternopil), Myron Yusypovych (Lviv), Ivo Lipanovich (Croatia), Mykola Sukach (Chernihiv), Stephen Ellery (England), Earle Hobart (USA), Grzegorz Berniak (Poland), Lubnan Baalbaki (Liban).

Participation in international festivals:

XVII Festival “Music in Sandomierz”, Sadomierz (Poland), Rock festival «Mazepa Fest”, Poltava (Ukraine), Polish Film Festival, Gdansk (Poland), Closing the festival “Carpathian Spring”, Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine), Opening XVI Festival “The Nights of Bascarsija”, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Closing the festival “Seasons of the high art -2011″, Evpatoria (Crimea), XII International Festival “Siversky musical evenings”, Chernihiv (Ukraine), International Festival “Young Halychya”, Novoyavorivsk (Ukraine)

They had concerts in the most famous concert halls in the world:

The Hall of Congress in Zurich (Switzerland), Palermo Teatro in Sicily (Italy), Musikhalle – Hamburg (Germany), Gewandhaus – Leipzig (Germany), Philharmonie – Köln (Germany), Tonhalle – Düßeldorf (Germany), Herkulessaal – München (Germany ), Royal Castle in Krasiczyn (Poland), King Arthur Yard – Torun (Poland), Amphitheater Bemovo – Warsaw (Poland), The Royal Castle in Warsaw (Poland), Pyongyang Grand Theatre -Pyongyang (North Korea), Church on the Queensay (Canada), Central Youth Hall – Pyongyang (North Korea), Zénith, Grenobl, Montpellier, Glermont-Ferrand, Dijon, St-Etiennee, Lyon in Marseille (France), Concertgebouw De Vereeniging – Nijmegen (Netherlands), Congresgebouw De Doelen – Rotterdam (Netherlands), Het Concertgebouw – Amsterdam (Netherlands), Dr. Anton Philipszaal – Den Haag (Netherlands), De Philharmonie – Haarlem (Netherlands), Old Mill (Canada), Cofena, Koningin Elizabethzaal – Antwerpen (Netherlands), Theater De Lievekamp, ​​Oss (Netherlands), Domkerk (Netherlands), Concert Hall of Saint-Jose Church (Liban) and others.

In 2013-2014 years Tenors BEL’CANTO made couple concert tours around Europe on cruise lines Norvegian Star and Norvegian Jade.