Tremolo Ensemble( Israel Percussion Centre)

General information

The ensemble performances gained many critical acclaims and won enthusiastic reviews from both the audience as well as the critiques.

In 4 years activity, Tremolo has been invited to perform at the in Ukraine, New York, Miami, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Argentina. Tremolo Ensemble was invited to collaborate with Israel’s leading orchestras and ensembles including the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Israel Chamber Orchestra, Israel Contemporary Players, Meitar Ensemble, Multi-Piano and the Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv among others. The ensemble is invited to perform in major festivals such as the Felicia Blumenthal Festival, Tectonics Festival and Israel Arts Festival in addition to concert series across the country.

Collaborations with artists and ensembles include: percussionists- Robyn Schulkowsky (USA-Germany), Les Percussions De Strasbourg, Zohar Fresco (Israel), Adama Drame (Burkina Faso), Gilad Dobrecky (Israel), Multi Piano (Israel), Meitar Ensemble (Israel), Fatoma Dembele (Burkina Faso). Conductors- Zsolt Nagy (Hungary-France), Pierre-Andre Valade (France), Jean-Michael Lavoie (Canada), Ariel Zuckermann (Israel), Ed Spanjaar (Netherland), Theodore Kuchar (Ukraine-USA).

Much of the repertoire consists of compositions written and dedicated to the ensemble by Israeli prominent composers including solo pieces, Percussion ensemble, chamber music & concerto for Tremolo and Orchestra. In 2019 the Ensemble will collaborate with composer Helmut Lachenmann.

On June 2019, a CD recording of “Letters from Gettysburg” by Avner Dorman was released with Tremolo Ensemble & the Gettysburg Choir.

Tremolo ensemble had won the Ödön Pártos prize for an excellent performance of an Israeli composition, given by the Israeli ministry of culture.

The ensemble active as the official consultant of the Israel Education Ministry.

Members of Tremolo ensemble has been performing as soloists with celebrated orchestras such as NY Phil., LA Phil., Munich Bayerische Staatsorchester, Israel Phil. Belgrade Phil. and in major venues such as Wigmore Hall, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and The Hollywood Bowl among many others all around the globe.

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