Volodymyr Syvokhip – conductor

General information

Musicologist and conductor, candidate of Art. Syvokhip Volodymyr Stepanovych was born in Drohobych Lviv region January 6, 1965. After historical and theoretical faculty of the Lviv Conservatory named after M. Lysenko and post-graduate at Institute of Art, Folklore and Ethnology named after M. Rylsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, V. Syvokhip took an active and effective position in the artistic life of the city. Since 1990 over 16 years served as executive secretary of the National Union of Composers LU Ukraine, since 2005 – became a member of the Board of this organization, and from 2006 – General Director of Lviv Philharmonic Society. He Also teaches at the LvivNationalMusicAcademy named after M. Lysenko.

As the organizer of the grand and meaningful musical events like the Festival “Music of Ukrainian foreign”, “Composers of Ukraine – memory of the victims of famine”, “Display of Borys Lyatoshynsky”, “Lysenko’s Festival in Lviv” and many other significant events, was quite naturally establishing his sole in Ukraine in scale of the International contemporary Music Festival “Contrasts”, which is occurs with the same success in Ukraine since 1995. For sixteen years, the Festival “Contrasts” under constant guidance of V. Syvokhip became an important international center of highly contemporary art and true artistic calling card of Lviv. With the same success is in the walls of Philharmonic under the direction of V. Syvokhip more exclusive Lviv Festival – International Musical Festival “Virtuosi”, which this year celebrated its 30 th anniversary. Volodymyr Syvokhip with his systematic, professional and tireless activity is always looking for effective measures to radical changes in modern professional musical and artistic life.

With the same artistic success V. Syvokhip leads also active as a conductor led to him by the late 1990s reputation well as in Ukraine and abroad, Lviv Chamber Choir “Gloria”. With the chamber choir “Gloria” he prepared authors programs of contemporary composers M. Skoryk, Yu. Lanyuk, A. Nikodemovych, P. Vasks, A. Pärt, M. Pepa, performed numerous premieres of works by contemporary composers, including – Z. Bujarski, I.  Shcherbakov,

H. Havrylets, V. Runchak, V. Polova, A. Shchetynsky, B. Frolyak, B. Sehin. Successfully performed at many festivals, “Virtuosi”, “Contrasts”, “Europe Days in Lviv”, “Golden-dome Kyiv”, “Kyiv Music Fest”, “Musical Premieres of the Season” in Kiev, “Bach-Fest” in Sumy “Clavier of the Sea” (Lithuania), “Confiteor” in Krakow, “Days of Ukrainian music” in Warsaw, “Days of Oratorio-Cantata Music” in Przemysl, “Festival of Ancient Music” in the Old Sacz, “Festival of international music Meeting”, “East-West” in Zielona Gòra (Poland), “Freiburg Music Festival” (Germany), “Lohtai festivaali Sacred Music” (Finland), “Falera Music Festival” (Switzerland) and others. He played, in particular with the Hilliard Ensemble of works by Arvo Pärt. Made a number of large-scale performances of works of world classics such as “John Passion”, Magnificat, Hohe Messe h moll by J. S. Bach; Introducione e Gloria, Magnificat by A. Vivaldi, Berlin Messe, Credo, Adam’s Lament by Arvo Pärt, Messe by I. Stravinsky; Harmonie Messe, “Seven Words” and “The Creation” by J. Haydn; Ein Deutches Requiem by J. Brahms, Requiem by V. Mozart and A. Schnittke; Carmina Burana by C. Orff.

Vlolodymyr Syvokhip – musicologist, conductor, musical and social activist and organizer of the artistic life of the city – over the past 20 years reveals itself as an active and influential figure in various fields of musical reality today. For considerable personal artistic achievement and significant contribution to professional development and comprehensive promotion of Ukrainian musical culture, for actively performing and musical and social activities V. Syvokhip awarded Regional Prize named after S. Lyudkevych, the State Prize named after M. Lysenko, awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of Ukraine, and he also received numerous civic awards, including the title of “Galician Knight” in the nomination “artist of culture.”