In his project a famous Polish accordion player-virtuoso presents to the audience six modern Polish and Ukrainian composers of different generations. These compositions were created in different periods (from 1983 to 2016) of composer’s musical establishment. Each work has its own prehistory of creation. Music language, character, stylistic guidances, programmability and nonprogrammability, technical tasks – that all distinguishes one composition from another. That thing which constantly unites them – the instrument by means of what they are played. That thing which unites them at this moment – a performer Matsei Frontsakevych and his project Accord Aeon. This name is a wpordplay: an accord, which resonates in a potential infinity of time as an abstract category (philosophic notion of “Aeon”).
Support: Extra financed by Ministry of culture and national heritage (Poland).

Saturday 09.06.2018 / 21:30

Foyer of Lviv Philharmonic Society



In the program:

Oleksandr Shchetynsky. Sonata

Bohdan Sehin. A jak żeglarze ziemi cieszą się widokiem…

Lubava Sydorenko. Verticalis

Dariusz Przybylski. Sonata da chiesa

Mikołaj Majkusiak. Dyad

Krzysztof Penderecki. Sinfonietta