Hollywood Voyage

Honking cars horns, bright and vibrant lights of Broadway, blues and jazz rhythms and big-band allusions – it is just a tiny part of the multicouloured orchestra world of Gershwin’s music and in particular his autobiographic piece “An American in Paris” created by the composer during his visit to the capital of France. This music is just like an artist paints real pictures for the audience and, and, despite the fact it has already obtained the status of classical orchestra repertoire, its freshness and modernity hasn’t faded yet. Not the least emotional and bright is Gershwin’s “Girl Crazy” Overture.
One can trace a cinematography spirits in the Double Concerto for violin, double bass and orchestra by a German-American composer André Previn where solo instruments as if perform roles in a play, dynamic and full of various shades. The highly virtuosic parts of a violin and double bass will be performed by Ilya Gringolts and Ruslan Lutsyk – musicians who also have active teaching career as Professors in Swiss Universities.
The title of John William’s Star Wars Suite which will open the concert needs no long introduction. To listen to the well-known music episodes from the cult cinema saga in live performance by INSO-Lviv orchestra under direction of the Dutch conductor Raymond Janssen – is a truly unique and definitely not-to-miss opportunity.

02.06.2018 / 18:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall


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In the program:

John Williams. Star Wars Suite

André Previn. Double Concerto for Violin, Double Bass and Orchestra

George Gershwin. Girl Crazy Overture

George Gershwin. American in Paris