Muse. Pavlo Hunka & Roderick Barand

Концертний зал ім. С. Людкевича

23.06.2019 / 18:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall



Pavlo Hunka returns to Lviv at the invitation of the Philharmoniс to present a new programme of Ukrainian Art Songs. The theme of the programme is ‘Muse’.
A poet, having lost his inspiration, sets off in search of it. On this journey, he confronts all of his personal fears, experiences life in its ugliest and most beautiful forms.
27 songs – 27 operatic scenes in miniature!

Art songs by great Ukrainian composers M. Lysenko, V. Barvinsky, Y. Stepovyi, S. Turkewich and M. Volynsky, performed by acclaimed English-Ukrainian bass-baritone, founder of the Ukrainian Art Song Project, Pavlo Hunka and renowned pianist, Roderick Barrand.


  • Pavlo Hunka, bass baritone (United Kingdom – Ukraine)
  • Roderick Barand, piano (United Kingdom)

In the programme:

  • Mykola Lysenko. The Sailboat (poet: Yevhen Hrebinka)
  • Vasyl Barvinsky. An Evening Sigh (poet: Bohdan Lepky)
  • Yakiv Stepovyi. Play Those Songs No More! (poet: Maksym Rylsky)
  • Stefania Turkewich. The Spider (poet: Narcyz Lukianowicz)
  • Yakiv Stepovyi. Dank And Dark (poet: Spyrydon Cherkasenko)
  • Yakiv Stepovyi. Rubies (poet: Mykola Voronyi)
  • Stefania Turkewich. Emigration Elegy (poet: Stepan Maslak)
  • Yakiv Stepovyi. Sorrow And Joy (poet: Oleksandr Oles)
  • Yakiv Stepovyi. It Is Well To Have Friends Everywhere! (poet: Stepan Rudansky)
  • Myroslav Volynskyj. Song Cycle – ‘Moja Pisnja’ (poet: Oleksandr Oles)
    • My Muse
    • Awaken My Song!
    • How To Express In Words…?
    • The Storm
    • A Gentle Song
    • Not All Sorrows Have Died
    • Play On, Clown!
    • A Dreamless Sleep
    • A Prophet Enraged
    • The Knight Of Beauty
    • My Song Resounds Among The Godless
    • A Song Cries Out
    • The Pitiless
    • Life Passes Like A Dream