Socio-cultural project “War and Peace”

Our reality is ambivalent, and everyone sees it as he wants to see. Today we — Ukrainians — live in two parallel worlds, where everyone perceives reality through the prism of his values, conscience, and love for the Motherland.
In one world — the Peace — we wake up in the morning, rejoice or disappoint with the weather outside the window, drink the traditional morning coffee and plunge into the everyday affairs, planning, meetings with colleagues, friends, entertainments, and leisure with the family.
And in the second world — the War — there are such feelings as fears, tears, uncertainty, faith, and hope in the real world. In this world, another reality is the perpetual danger, explosions and shots, injuries and losses. There, our warriors, at the risk of our own lives, are fighting for our peaceful dreams, our lives and an independent and integral Ukraine.
How to combine these two worlds and make them understandable and realistic for ourselves? To achieve this, we lack another understanding of patriotism: when you can be useful to your country with knowledge and skills, your good deeds and daily work. As Cardinal Husar said, "We have to give - to give to the world goodness, mercy, love. I consider each profession as a ministry. A doctor, teacher, writer, worker, and even a politician are at a service to others. Only when we give will we become richer. We must develop an understanding of service to people. "
The Academic Symphony Orchestra "INSO-Lvov" of the Lviv Regional Philharmonic Society, which for four years has always been along with 80th soldiers, initiated a social and cultural project "War and Peace." In the framework of this project, from April 27 to April 29, charitable concerts will be held in the cities of Zhovkva, Zhidachiv, Stryi, Gorodok, Sambir. Together with the orchestra, the performers - Jamie Seaver (England), Sofia Fedin, Lena Korneeva - will perform performances by well-known Ukrainian songs including "The Night of the Month", "Hutsulka Xenia", "Shumlia Lyshchina", "Two Colors" and others. The orchestra will also perform immortal works by contemporary Ukrainian composer Myroslav Skoryk.

During the events you will meet and talk with volunteer soldiers who will share memories of friends who gave their lives for Ukraine and their stories.
Among them is the love story that united Ukraine and the United Kingdom. Its participants are volunteers, volunteers from Zhovkva Svitozar, who fought in the east of Ukraine as part of the 80th separate air assault brigade, and the singer, Jamie volunteer from the small town of Soligall.
A volunteer warrior with a nickname "Bison" (Donetsk): "So, this is what I mean: I want to know about everyone. Time will pass, much will be forgotten, people are this way - we forget. We need to tell their stories. That those lives that were laid behind these ruins (Donetsk airport for example) were not forgotten, and they become simple statistics. "

Saturday 28.04.2018 / 20:00

м. Стрий, Стрийський міський будинок культури

Free Admission