Festival of Chamber Music “3/4”

10.05.2018 / 19:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall



The festival of Chamber Music “3/4” represents a unique event in Lviv’s music life. That’s why it’s worth to visit and immersed in a world where true music and feelings are hidden!
The event will bring together musicians from four countries: France, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine.
In the concert program: lectures and master classes, they’ll not only acquaint listeners with remarkable examples of classical music but also aim to create a unique, warm atmosphere of communication. The first day of the festival, on May 10, a concert-opening with the participation of leading musicians of world fame will be held, which will combine their knowledge and skills with young and incredibly talented musicians from Lviv. And they on one stage together will give you unforgettable performance.
After the festival, guests will join the initiative to establish a fund to support young talents of Ukraine, since the funds collected from tickets will become the basis for its creation.