Cherkasy Folk Choir

Концертний зал ім. С. Людкевича

14.04.2018 / 19:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall



The concert program of the Cherkassy Academic Honored Ukrainian Folk Choir “On the Strings of Kobzar’s Soul”

Artistic director and principal conductor – Volodymyr Fedas.
Choreographer – director Anastasia Ogirchuk.
The head of the orchestra, the Honored Artist of Ukraine – Alexei Kolesnik.
Chorus Master – Alexander Zhuchenko.
Ballet Tutor- Irina Stadnyk.
Managing Director, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine – Zinoviy Yurovych.

First section

1. Vocal and choreographic composition “In the Cherkassy land blooms embroidered towels”. The production of P. Lavrov.

2. “The Duma about Ukraine” music by A. Pashkevich, words of M. Negoda. Conducted by O. Zhuchenko, soloist of the Honored Artist of Ukraine Yu. Ilchuk.

3. “To my son” music by A. Pashkevich, words of V. Symonenko. Conducted by V. Fedas, soloists, Honored Artist of Ukraine L. Yosypov and O. Pashkevich-Yaschuk.

4. “Passion for the flower of the valley” by A. Pashkevich’s music, M. Negoda’s slaps. Soloists are Honored Artist of Ukraine L. Yosypov and V. Panchenko.

5. “Oh, in the meadow there is guelder rose” the music of S. Charnetsky, the words of S. Charnetsky, G. Truga.

6. “Father’s House” music I. Sl’ota, words by M. Lukiv. Performed by the male choir group. Soloists S. Netakhata and V. Panchenko.

7. ” Where is a grey seagull over the lake” music by L. Trofimenko, words of V. Prize. Soloists S. Tychyna and V. Dyachenko.

8. Vocal and choreographic composition based on the works of T. Shevchenko “Such is her destiny”. Production by A. Ogirchuk. Orchestra A. Semelyak. Soloists Honored Artist of Ukraine A. Efimov, K. Kiyan, V. Omelyanenko, V. Voroshilov, I. Vydyborets, H. Salo, O. Bogdan, G. Dyachenko, V. Dyachenko.

9. ” Dumy moii, Dumy”, words of T. Shevchenko, A. Avdeyevsky’s frame.

Second section

1. Vocal and choreographic composition “Spring games and dances “. Processing O. Stadnik. Setting W. Chornous.

2. “Moshnogorsky Polka” performs the choir’s orchestral group. The arrangement of O. Kolesnik.

3. “Oh, you’re nothing” music by A. Pashkevich, words by D. Lutsenko. Performed by the female choir group.

4. “Oh, behind the bridge, the bridge” Ukrainian folk song.

5. “Oh, in the cherry garden” Ukrainian folk song, the arrangement of M. Kushcha.

6. “When I Was Little” Ukrainian folk song, the frame of A. Avdiyevsky. Soloist Yu. Boyko.

7. “Beauty-Cossack” music by Yu. Reshetar, words by Z. Ruzhin. Soloists are Honored Artist of Ukraine Y. Ilchuk, Honored Artist of Ukraine L. Yosypov, T. Velichko.

8. “Disassemble, guys, horses” Ukrainian folk song, frame by O. Zhychenko, orchestration by O. Kolesnik.

9. “Oh, the girl went to the orache” Ukrainian folk song, framed by M. Plashkevich.

10. Hopak. V. Chugunov’s arrangement and A. Kozlov’s.

11. ” Reve ta stogne Dnipr shyrokyii” words by T. Shevchenko, music by A. Pashkevich.