Top of the World Symphony – Anton Bruckner

Art in spite of everything. That's how you can characterize the way of Austrian composer Anton Bruckner, he combined music life with a teaching career and created 18 symphonies. And on March 30 at 19:00 his symphony №7 will be presented in Lviv Regional Philharmonic on a concert "Top of the World Symphony - Anton Bruckner." During his lifetime the symphony №7 was very popular but unfortunately, the original text of the symphony was lost. Because it had only one copy and the next version of the symphony already had some changes. Symphony №7 will be presented by Lviv Academic Orchestra and the Netherlands conductor Maestro Gerard Oscampe will perform this beautiful symphony. Maestro has great experience in his career - working with many Scandinavian music collectives, theaters like opera theater in Opera House in Graz and Philharmonia Hungarica, and in the role of guest conductor Gerard Oscampe collaborated with about 120 orchestras in the world.

Friday 30.03.2018 / 19:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall

70-90- 110

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A. Bruckner. Symphony №7