Saturday 23.09.2023 / 18:00



The works of the prominent Ukrainian jazz musician Bohdan Vesolovskyi will be performed through a unique musical interpretation by the contemporary young composer Danylo Saienko, who created an original score for a symphony orchestra.

On this evening, actress and singer Maria Oneshchak and outstanding musicians will unfold the palette of the atmosphere of Lviv in the 20s and 30s, full of tender love, passion, sophistication, and deep and dramatic moments of love and loss.

Bohdan Vesolovskyi also created unique examples of Ukrainian jazz during the war, when human feelings were most acute, and it is so important to find love and the meaning of life.

In conclusion, the song “Smile” will be performed for a reason, because the authors of the performance believe that the smile of a loved one, which we keep in our hearts, can become our support and hope for the best in times of great trials.

The image of a warm smile gives strength and faith.


“The Orchestra of Feelings”:

  • Markiian Turkanyk, violin
  • Artem Kamenkov, double bass
  • Mariia Oneshchak, vocals
  • Yurii Romaniv, piano


  • Danylo Saienko, interpretation of works by Bohdan Vesolovskyi