Barocco Spirituale

Thursday 25.04.2024 / 17:00

Музей історії релігії



Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, and Scarlatti. These four names became a center for the entire Baroque world. From elegant sensual arias to exquisite instrumental suites, it was ingrained with the spiritual principle and its cognition. This event the masters of musical expression of the eighteenth century will appear in a new light thanks to Vitaliia Holubnycha, Olena Vladyslavska and Andrii Holubnychyi.

Give yourself the joy of high Baroque culture and its mysterious charm!



  • Vitaliia Holubnycha, soprano
  • Olena Vladyslavska, piano
  • Andrii Holubnychyi, cymbals



  • Johann Sebastian Bach. Cello Suite No. 2 in D minor
    • Violin Suite No. 3 in C major
  • Georg Friedrich Handel. Alpira’s aria from the opera Rinaldo
    • Aria of Xerxes from the opera “Xerxes”
  • Alessandro Scarlatti. “Le Violette”
  • Antonio Vivaldi. Aria from the opera “Judith the Triumphant”
    • Aria by Anastasio from the opera “Justin”
    • “Son come novicella”
  • GeorgFriedrich Handel. “Amen, Alleluja”
  • Antonio Vivaldi. “Magnificat, RV611
    • “Et exultavit”, “Quia fecit”, “Quia respexit”