Because having believed once, you will believe until the end, because right now I miss your name and face…

Lyudkevich Concert Hall

Sunday 09.07.2023 / 18:00



Let’s finish the 25th anniversary concert season of the INSO-Lviv Orchestra on a high note! Listen to pieces that touch the depths of the heart and each time open up an endless world of feelings and reflections, performed by the INSO Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Oleksandr Gordon.

Living, working, dealing with new challenges, helping the army and maintaining your mental health is not an easy task. We used to talk about emotional burnout only occasionally, but today we all experience it over and over again. Sometimes there seems to be no room for dreams, smiles, or joy in life any more. That’s when music comes to the rescue. It surrounds people with sounds and vibrations, making them listen to themselves. It comforts and gives aesthetic pleasure, touches and makes you feel alive and vulnerable.

Music does not allow you to give up and does not allow your heart to become corroded or petrified with pain and anger. Instead, it transforms rage into inspiration, banishes fatigue, and inspires faith in the best.
Do not miss the opportunity to attend the final concert of this season. Performed by the artists of the INSO-Lviv Orchestra, you will hear a virtuoso programme that combines chamber and symphonic masterpieces by European composers. It will be performed in the name of Light, Hope and Victory!



  • INSO-Lviv Academic Symphony Orchestra
  • Oleksandr Hordon, conductor



  • Anton Bruckner. String quintet in F major WAB 112
  • Felix Mendelssohn. Concert Overture A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Op. 21
  • Ludwig van Beethoven. Symphony No. 5, Op. 67