09.09.2023 / 18:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall



We are opening the 25th anniversary season of the INSO-Lviv Orchestra with an evening of heroic symphonies.


True art and human bravery are phenomena that have stood side by side in world history, moreover, constantly nourished each other. With their works, artists glorified and celebrated the exploits of their ancestors and contemporaries. Future generations looked for new ideas and inspiration for struggle in these works. This connection is continuous and timeless – as long as heroic music sounds in the world, as long as brave hearts beat in the chest.


We were once inspired by bold dreams and musical experiments. Today, however, we draw strength from the extraordinary heroism demonstrated by Ukrainian defenders at the front every day.

In their honour, two “Heroic” symphonies will be performed by the INSO-Lviv academic symphony orchestra under the baton of Paul Mann (Great Britain): both are frank, iconic, and outstanding.

Music destroys any walls. Energy circulates between the past and the present.



  • Academic Symphony Orchestra INSO-Lviv
  • Paul Mann, сonductor (Great Britain)



  • Ludwig van Beethoven. Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major “Heroic”, op. 55 (1804)
  • Yevhen Stankovych. Symphony No. 2 “Heroic” (1975)