Contrasts 29. Prepared Landscapes

Thursday 05.10.2023 / 17:00

Концертна зала Дому звуку (вул. Князя Романа, 6)

Вхід вільний


For almost three decades, the Contrasts festival has inspired, excited, delighted, or even frightened, but it has never left anyone indifferent. The freedom from audience expectations was one of the factors that allowed new music’s performance at the concerts, and the programs to include names of well-known composers were unknown to the public.

There are different opinions about the performance of music by student composers on the respectable festival stage, which for many composers has been dreamily unattainable for years. But the organizers of the festival are convinced that it is the sound of their own work in a professional performance on a big stage that is necessary for young composers to create. 

This time, the composers will test the combination of a prepared piano and electronics. The initial initiative to create these works originated as part of a course on compositional techniques of the XX-XXI centuries and gradually grew into a full-fledged creative project.

And although some of the listeners of “Contrasts” are already familiar with the music of Lviv composers of the new generation, we will keep it a secret what kind of works will be performed, but we can safely assure you that they will surprise you! 

Artists: students of the special piano department of the Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy.

The program includes pieces by Alisa Formazyuk, Marian Fil, Ksenia Stetsenko, Ihnatii Moiseev, Andrii Kostiv, Zakhar Ozerskyi, Mykhailo Maksymchuk, Denys Kucher, Yana Hryhorieva, and Anna Hurina.