Contrasts 29. Sisters. Muses

Wednesday 04.10.2023 / 19:00

S.Lyudkevych Concert Hall



They showed what the music of Independence can be like, how rich its roots are, and how modern, multifaceted, and powerful its achievements are. It is said that there is a higher mental connection between relatives, and the music of the composer sisters Hanna Havrylets and Bohdana Frolyak is related to a search for new Ukrainian music paths, undergoing from its sacred origins, the echo of folk songs of their native Prykarpattia, to supernova compositional experiments. 


This year’s program will feature chamber music by female composers. For each of them, chamber music has become a special page of their work.

For Hanna Havrylets, it is a plane of detailed work with timbres of instruments and silence.

According to Bohdana Frolyak: “Chamber music is a personal feature of Hanna Havrylets’s worldview, and the deprivation of everything ostentatious, external, was characteristic of her as a person. That’s why it was in chamber music that her talent was revealed with particular force.” 

For Bohdana Frolyak herself, music is an art that should leave a feeling of light and catharsis:

“I really want my music to be light. And, of course, I relate to the lyrics. Not in the sweet romantic sense, but in a subtle, sensual way.”



  • Kateryna Boichuk, violin I 
  • Maryna Hromadska, violin II
  • Veronika Pedorych, viola 
  • Oksana Lytvynenko, cello
  • Jozsef Ormeny, piano


  • Hanna Havrylets (1958-2022). “Metamorphoses” for two violins, viola and cello
  • Bohdana Frolyak (*1968). Suite in C for cello and piano (2008)
    • “Partita – Meditation” for violin and cello (2008)
  • Hanna Havrylets. “Expressions” for string quartet (2004)

Moderator is Mariia Sydorak