Virtuosos 40. Music of light

Концертний зал Людкевича

04.06.2021 / 19:00



40 years of history

40 years of tradition

40 years of music

Traditionally, in the most poetic and beautiful time – on the verge of spring and summer, one of the oldest and largest Ukrainian festivals – the International Festival of Musical Art “Virtuosos” for four decades invites Lviv residents and guests of our city to enjoy music and hear musicians virtuosos from around the world!

In 2021, the festival will last 18 daysfrom May 20 to June 6.

Composer music is admired, it is performed by orchestras in many countries around the world. One of the brightest personalities among the artists who represent the Ukrainian spiritual heritage of our time is Myroslav Skoryk. His music, as he himself aspired, was and is the present. His music inadvertently reflects what is happening around him. He hoped that the listener would be able to hear in it the response of his feelings and impressions. He never and in no way drove himself into an artificial framework. In his life and in his music, the composer behaved quite naturally, never became a slave to an imposed structure or aesthetic canon.

Lyubov Kiyanovska, a researcher of his oeuvre, claims that his work is a colorful picture of particolored puzzle pieces, which at the same time – on the principle of complementarity – are firmly assembled into a single whole, and only in this way we can perceive a panoramic vision of the artist’s creative personality. It was very important for him that his feelings were conveyed by the performers.

He was constantly fascinated by the INSO-Lviv orchestra and believed that the extremely talented Ukrainian soloist Valentyna Pryshlyak vividly revealed his plans, images that resonated in the listener’s soul. Coryphaeus is warmly remembered by musicians. In particular, Oleh Kaskiv, a Ukrainian violinist, performs in Switzerland, to which one of the compositions is dedicated (which will be performed at the concert) often performs compositions by the composer. He says that it is very important for Ukrainians who live in Switzerland to show the world, our beautiful coryphaeus, the maestro, and his compositions. The maestro became the godfather of many orchestras, in particular, was a co-founder and artistic director of the orchestra “INSO-Lviv”. His musicians still feel emptiness, a huge emptiness, because they can’t fully realize this loss. However, this life-affirming music continues and fills everyone involved, like cold water on a hot day from the springs of the composer’s favorite Carpathians.



  • Oleh Kaskiv, violin
  • Valentyna Pryshlyak, viola
  • INSO-Lviv Academic Symphony Orchestra
  • Yuriy Bervetsky, conductor



  • Myroslav Skoryk. Violin Concerto № 5
  • Myroslav Skoryk. Concerto for viola and orchestra
  • Mykola Kolessa. Passacaglia, Scherzo and Fugue (transcription for symphony orchestra by Myroslav Skoryk)